Monday, July 22, 2013

Bath and Body Works Lovin'

hello beauties! i went a little crazy at Bath and Body Works recently since they were having a 'buy 3 get 3 free' sale and simply could not resist the temptation. as you know, i'm a huge fan of BBWs candles but my collection of their other skin/body care products needed adding to. 

first off: lotions! the scents i went for were Beautiful Day and Pink Chiffon. these are two of their newer scents so definitely wanted to give them a try! Beautiful Day is a gorgeous fresh scent that has a hint of apple in it which i find quite refreshing. Pink Chiffon is a floral scent which i would pretty much bet the color pink would smell like if colors actually had scents! 

next up: body mists. i went for Paris Amour and Pure Paradise for this category since again they are scents i've never tried before. Paris Amour is definitely a girly scent; it's sweet but not overly sweet and has a 'romantic' softness to it also. Pure Paradise smells just like the beach! perfect if you're wanting to smell like you've just come back from a seaside vacay. 

now onto shower gels! since i loved the smell of Paris Amour so much i decided to get it in the shower gel version also. Cashmere Glow has got to be my favorite scent out of everything i purchased! i feel so luxurious when i use it and it's what i would want to smell like 24/7 if that were possible. 

and last but certainly not least: body butters! for these i went with the familiar scents of Warm Vanilla Sugar and Sea Island Cotton. this was my first time purchasing some body butters and i'm so glad i did! they are perfect for applying right out of the shower especially to those extra dry areas due to the harsh heat we've been getting. Warm Vanilla Sugar is one of my favorite signature scents from BBW since it combines the gorgeous fragrances of vanilla and sugar into one glorious tub. Sea Island Cotton is the ultimate fresh scent and makes you smell squeaky clean! 

sorry for the picture heaviness of this post! but like i said, i went a little crazy hehe. i think it's safe to say i'll still be using these products years from now since it literally takes me forever to use them up! but of course that doesn't mean i won't be purchasing more ;) 

what are your BBW favorites? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

pure bliss

with the heat and humidity getting more and more intense as the summer progresses, it's even more important to keep your skin hydrated! i'm not one of the lucky gals that can sunbathe outside for hours but my skin still gets rather dry and cracked and in need of some good ol' TLC. 
today i want to spotlight the Lemon+Sage Body Butter by Bliss which has truly been a godsend for me during these hot summer months! i normally don't moisturize my body regularly so when i actually notice it becoming super dry, i'm in need of something that works fast and that's effective (obviously). 

this body butter is nice and thick but rubs in quite easily, you don't have to spend 10 minutes working it into your skin! the texture of the lotion is rich and creamy but doesn't leave your skin looking for feeling oily after application. the one thing you'll immediately notice about this lotion is the smell which is absolutely gorgeous! who knew lemon and sage could join together in such perfect matrimony?! some lotions give off a very strong scent when applied all over but with this scent you're left smelling clean and a tad citrusy but not too much to overpower your delicate nose. 

the one area i've been applying this lotion to quite generously has been the bottoms of my feet since they have become incredibly dry and are cracking mostly at the heel and sides of my big toes. i normally apply after i've had my bath or shower right before i hop into bed. i've been doing this for a few weeks now and have noticed a huge difference in the condition of my heels! 

i really want to try more Bliss products sometime in the future. #1 on my list is the High Intensity Hand Cream which i've read great reviews on! plus it would be the perfect thing to carry around in your makeup bag to keep your paws nice and soft :) 

what have you tried from Bliss? or what are you wanting to try?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

most used makeup brushes

makeup brushes are the one accessory all us beauty bloggers have in common. there are countless brands and countless styles of makeup brushes out there for us to use so finding one that does everything you want it to do is a tiny victory for us, right?! one thing i've found through using different brushes and brands is that the more expensive it is, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best!

case and point: all of my most used face brushes are by Real Techniques (which i'm sure you've all heard of) hehe. to apply my foundation i use the stippling brush which works way better than a regular foundation brush in my opinion. every foundation i've ever applied using this brush goes on evenly without streaking and always looks flawless! for blush i always reach for the blush brush which is so big and fluffy and applies my blush perfectly! i've noticed i don't need to use as much product with this brush since it packs on quite a good amount. i only use this brush for regular powder blush though, and use a little kabuki brush for cream ones. and finally for setting powder i use the cleverly named powder brush which also packs on a good amount of product so you don't need to use much.  so overall, i adore these brushes even though they're a 'drugstore' brand. they work better than any of the high end brushes i've used, plus they are super cute and colorful!

now onto eye brushes.. i may be the only beauty blogger that hardly ever wears eyeshadow unless i'm going out or if the occasion calls for it. i used to lovee wearing eyeshadow and experiment with different looks but i've become extra lazy apparently :(
but on the days that i do wear eyeshadow these brushes are the ones i reach for! i use the MAC 239 to pack on eyeshadow to the lid, the MAC 219 to fill in my crease and the MAC 224 to blend. pretty simple and straight forward really :)

what are your most used makeup brushes? 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

business in the back, party in the front

hello lovelies! hope you all had a wonderful weekend?! my sister and I took our grandmother out for dinner tonight so thought I would share what I wore :) 

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Target

I really love this dress I scored from Forever last year because it's incredibly simple but it can be dressed up with the right shoes & accessories. Plus the high/low style dress seems to be quite 'in' this summer also! I didn't want to dress it up too much since we weren't going out to a fancy restaurant so I paired it witch these adorable black wedges I picked up at Target last week which I am loving at the moment! 

and here's a peek at my face :D 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

behind the shower curtain

hello beauties! today's post is inspired by one I read on the gorgeous Hannah's blog a little while back. it seemed like such a fun and cute idea so thought I would do it myself :) 

the idea is just to show what sorts of products you use while you shower! since showering is a pretty regular activity we all do, we don't really tend to think about what we use (or at least I don't, hehe). but since us beauty bloggers tend to be relatively nosey it makes perfect sense to show off what I treat myself to while getting squeaky clean. 

so to kick things off, welcome to my 'hair tower'! this is where I tend to have keep of my shampoo's and a few conditioners. i like storing them on here since it's higher up so that I don't have to bend down and risk wetting my hair if I already have shampoo in. as you can see I have quite a variety of shampoo's depending on what I feel like using :) 

next is my 'body care corner'. not the most exciting corner of the shower but then again, I don't really need much! 

this is my 'conditioner corner'. here is where I have all of my hair masques and deep conditioners which as you can see, I have quite a few of! 

and last but not least is the 'skin care corner' which is completely invaded by Origins goodies! if I had to pick a favorite corner, this one would be it :P 

so that's everything in my shower! I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey at what I use on a daily basis. what's your favorite thing in your shower?! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

au naturale

hello beauties! hope you all are having a fabulous weekend in the sunshine :) 
today I wanted to share with you my recent 'go-to' eye makeup look since it's incredibly easy to do and is a perfect summer look since it incorporates neutral shades that are easy to find in your collection! 

I only use three shadows from my UD Naked palette for this look [Virgin, Sin and Naked] which are the first three in the palette and the lightest. I start off by applying Virgin to the inner corners of my eyes  and onto the bottom lash line to make my eyes look brighter and more 'awake'. I then apply 'Sin' along my entire lid just up to the crease, and finally apply 'Naked' into my crease using a pencil brush to make it very precise. 
I then continue with my usual mascara and eyeliner [L'Oreal Voluminous, Clinique High Impact, Kat Von D tattoo liner] to finish off the look! 
and there you have it! sorry for the god awful brows, must get them threaded asap haha 
as you can see, this look is super easy to do and is perfect for everyday! although i use shadows from my Naked palette for this look, the shades are easily dupable so you probably already have similar shades in your collection already :) 

whats been your 'go-to' eye look recently!? 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

the magic trio

one makeup item I could never live without would hands down be mascara. without it, my lashes are thin, light and sometimes look nonexistent. as beauty obsessors such as ourselves we are constantly looking for that 'perfect' product that combines everything we want in one tube: volume, length, color, ect. 

unfortunately i'm not here today to tell you that i've miraculously found that magic ONE, but I have found THREE that when combined together give my lashes a stunning finished look:
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
a cult favorite! this mascara is definitely good for giving my lashes volume especially when I apply multiple layers. depending on the overall effect I'm going for I will either apply this as a base then layer another mascara on top, or use this as a final touch to really give my lashes some 'oomph'!

YSL BabyDoll 
this is my first ever YSL mascara and thanks to Sephora I was able to get my paws on it early courtesy of my V.I.B status. the first thing I noticed about this mascara before even applying any, is the scent! if you're a regular YSL junkie then you already know that all of their products smell gorgeous!
I adore this mascara because my lashes look natural but more defined and longer. this definitely isn't a volumizing  mascara so to achieve the look I wear daily, I need to add a volumizing one on top.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume 
 and last but certainly not least.. another cult favorite! I've been using this mascara for years and it is one of my absolute favorites. it makes my lashes look extremely bold and dramatic which is perfect for me since my natural lashes are puny and dull. the only problem is that to achieve the 'bold and beautiful' look you have to apply layer upon layer of product! i've found layering this mascara once or twice on top of another mascara (like my Voluminous) gives the desired effect without as much layering.

phew.. long post! hope you ladies enjoyed reading about my favorite mascara's :) 
what are your favorites?