Thursday, June 20, 2013

behind the shower curtain

hello beauties! today's post is inspired by one I read on the gorgeous Hannah's blog a little while back. it seemed like such a fun and cute idea so thought I would do it myself :) 

the idea is just to show what sorts of products you use while you shower! since showering is a pretty regular activity we all do, we don't really tend to think about what we use (or at least I don't, hehe). but since us beauty bloggers tend to be relatively nosey it makes perfect sense to show off what I treat myself to while getting squeaky clean. 

so to kick things off, welcome to my 'hair tower'! this is where I tend to have keep of my shampoo's and a few conditioners. i like storing them on here since it's higher up so that I don't have to bend down and risk wetting my hair if I already have shampoo in. as you can see I have quite a variety of shampoo's depending on what I feel like using :) 

next is my 'body care corner'. not the most exciting corner of the shower but then again, I don't really need much! 

this is my 'conditioner corner'. here is where I have all of my hair masques and deep conditioners which as you can see, I have quite a few of! 

and last but not least is the 'skin care corner' which is completely invaded by Origins goodies! if I had to pick a favorite corner, this one would be it :P 

so that's everything in my shower! I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey at what I use on a daily basis. what's your favorite thing in your shower?! 


  1. Your origins collection has just made me super jealous!
    Cute post idea xxxx

  2. Love this post, I need to reveal what's behind my shower curtain!

  3. I don't have anything like this in my bathroom (it's years old and needs redoing) but I keep all my shower gels on the window ledge opposite the shower which is easier for me to grab hold of, I keep my hair products in a wicker basket in my bedroom x

  4. You have so much in your shower aha! I literally have shampoo and conditioner then my shower gel haha x

  5. Ohhh very jelo of your little origins stash! I love their products but the only one I've got in my shower atm is their Fomaing Face Wash xxx